Friday, December 21, 2012

2012 慈惠堂青少年生活营 :D

sorry for not updating my blog for like soooo long :( forgive me > <
and now i am blogging about a camp i went last two weeks :D

Its a camp organize by 慈惠青足团 
its a Buddhist camp :) thats what my mom said -.- lol 
4 day 3 night camp  . ..  at first it was AWKWARD :O 
because literally i know no one there . . . just me and my sis :( 
i didnt wanted to go actually , because of my sis , and her friend who called her to go which ended up he himself didnt go to the camp -.- *dumbassss*

But i'm glad i went :D its was fun , i knew alot of new friends . . . not bad :D 

So , by the time me and my sis went there . . . everyone is already there waiting , we are like nearly last :| 
everybody there . . . first impression :: NOT FRIENDLY -.- ahahahha

Off we go :D 

LadyBird Organic farm , our destination 

We start out ice breaking , knowing our own group member name 
There is 7 of us :D we are group 2
thank god i'm in this group , at least we have laughter in our group 

4days 3 night 
i spend 2 night sleeping in a tent ! :D great experience , not so good sleep /.\ 


These are station game , teamwork in every game :D 
first is the telematch 0.0 OUCH i will say 
then follow by other random games which i dont quite remember -.- sorry 

Woke up early in the morning at 4 , went hiking :D 
lovely scenery and i really miss the breezy wind  :O but really really tiring and its hard to climb

after a walk around the organic farm, next up is treasure hunt ! :D 
everyone put their full energy to win this game 
and the winner is OUR GROUP ! :D wohooooooooo

tiring i can say :\\
but at night everyone is celebrating with BBQ 

and then following with a campfire 
sing and dance and limbo rock ! ! i cant go that low :| hahha tooo old :P 

those kids these days , too many gangam style :O 
they even remember the lyrics ! 

on the third day before we go back , we have this sandwich making competition . . .
ingredients :: pumpkin , apple , potatoes , mayonnaise and green vege of course not forget the bread -.- 

after that is our last night there in Chi Hui Tang and off we say bye bye the next day 

i miss them already :(
watch this video :D

ChiHuiTang Youth Camp

next post ---> LEGOLAND ! STAY TUNE :D  

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pulau Ketam

Hey bloggers :3 miss me ? sorry for not blogging for so long :( my bad > <"

Hi guys :3 last week holiday i visited pulau ketam :D Crab Island :O
well , we went there as a One Day trip :) my mom wanted to go first , so we agree to go awhile

I can tell you the its DAMN WINDY there :3 miss the wind but not the air > <
as a advice to you all , dont go on public holiday ! :O its cramp with people on public holiday :(
either go on normal days or just weekends if you plan to have a relax holiday :) 
the place . . . erm . . .  i can say , VERY VINTAGE :D 

The only way to go Pulau Ketam is to sit boat . . . 
at first we reach the port and we saw people buying ticket , so we ended up buying for ourself too
but when we walk the bridge and realise there is no one checking ticket 
they will check the ticket when we were on the boat  :)
there is two kind of boat in this situation /.\ one is with air-cond , and much faster 
another one no air-cond and its much much much MORE SLOWER /.\ \

The picture below is two boats 

i did put numbers on the boat , so you will see easily :D 
well , the boat 2 is with air-cond and much more faster , but too much people pushing and we ended up sitting boat 1 ! -.- 
BOAT 1 IS SERIOUSLY SLOW and HOT ! and we need to pay again because before that the ticket we bought was for the boat 2 , and we went on the no air-cond boat :( 

Think POSITIVE :) FINALLY after an HOUR ride :( we reach pulau ketam !

it was call the Crab Island because its full with crabs > <"
See those holes in the muddy sand ? those are "crab house" 
those crabs hide in there not to been seen :O

Its basically a very peacefull place :D you can rent bicycles to ride around the place 
and while you walk on the streat you will see like vintage shop lot :D

Because every restaurant is PACK WITH PEOPLES :(  most restaurant are FULL :O 
we are hungry that time :O 
 we decide to stop by at Restaurant Kim Hoe to have our lunch because we saw their delicious dish being serve :)
While waiting for places , me and my sis decide to walk nearby around and see , standing there was too bored :( While walking , we saw this interesting stall . . .


It was a stall open by a old man :) pity him he has to fry all those ice-cream by himself :(
it was a long que -.- seriously long , and finally MY TURN :3 

I LOVE IT , IT TASTE GREAT ! its perfectly crispy hot outside and sweet cold inside :D
 blogging about it makes me craving for fried ice-cream /.\

*SORRY , i was busy eating those yummy seafood i forgot to take photos of it > <*
But you guys must have the "lala soup" and the "sweet&sour Crab"  :D
OH and the "FRIED SOTONG" :D its taste SUPER GOOD 

The weather that day wasn't very happy :(
its cloudy and windy , then t started to rain :O 

I always think how would these people live in these kind of house ?!
maybe i'm a modern town person > < and i bet it must be very windy every night :D

The futher we walk into , we saw houses temple too :3 

After the rain ease up alittle bit , we went to take our boat back home :) but those PEOPLE ! 
they cramp with us again ! FML 
waited one hour only a boat came /.\ but cant get in , we waited another 45 min . . . . 

Can you see how crowded its is behind me ? :(
DADDY SELCA ! :P ahahahahhaha
Finally me went on those air-cond boat :3because we want to use our ticket we bought earlier 
if not what a waste :) 
When we were back , bro said he miss the seafood > < ahahahhaha

Brother act cool ? 

Thanks it :D thanks for reading :3